Mirror Mirror

It is said that fairytales are timeless; that certain stories are universal in appeal and will always be passed on to the next generation. This might explain the many recent reimagining’s classic children’s stories, if not justify why their often extreme makeovers are actually necessary. One popular trope involves taking old fairytales and bringing out their disquieting sides, resulting in sleeker and more menacing films. The industry’s current obsession with making everything more “dark” swept through the comic book genre in the wake of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, and crept into old children’s stories with the like of last year’s Red Riding Hood.  And then there’s the upcoming Snow White and the Seven Huntsman, advertised as a gritty reboot, which comes out this summer.

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Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, is a film that knows exactly what kind of movie it is. It does not reach out for dramatic weight or deep character development. This film has no high aspirations other than to be a temporary diversion. Because of this, the film is successful.

The Kid With A Bike

Cannes has been very kind to Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes, having awarded them the Palme D’Or twice (in 1999 for Rosetta, and in 2005 for L’Enfant). And even though their 2008 effort, Lorna’s Silence, failed to nab any prizes from the Cannes jury, it was still met with plenty of acclaim. Jump forward to May 2011, and the directing duo added another prize, tying for the Grand Prix (Cannes’ second place award) with Turkey’s Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Continue reading


Is it me, or do the scariest horror films that take place in plain light, with characters who act like real people in a real world, and a story that does not seem tailor-made for the purposes of easy scares? A story, in other words, unlike the one portrayed in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders, which may have the ambition to pull off something other than a range typical horror movie scenarios, but never quite makes it.

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21 Jump Street

It’s not uncommon for classic television shows to be recreated for a new generation in the form of a standalone film.  These reboots serve two purposes:  To make what was once mainstream entertainment relevant in a new generation’s pop culture, and to create strong nostalgic sensations that get older audiences back into movie theaters eager to see their favorite television characters brought back to life.  Continue reading