Trailer Reaction: “Iron Man 3”

When The Avengers hit theaters in May after four years of subtle hints in after-credit scenes in both Iron Man movies, Captain America, and Thor, not only were fans graced with one of the greatest superhero films to ever hit the silver screen, but the fact that the movie made $207 million in its opening weekend and $623 million overall made studios just as happy as the guy who stood on the sidewalk for five hours in an Iron Man suit waiting to get good seats for the midnight premiere. Based on the unbelievable success of The Avengers, it was almost a given that Marvel Studios was going to start production on Phase Two of their Cinematic Universe, and what better way to start the next step then with the continuation of the series and character that started the whole Marvel Movie Empire: Robert Downy Jr.’s Tony Stark, who is back in the metal suit in Iron Man 3. Although the studio has been very secretive about this next installment in the Iron Man series, the new teaser trailer below gives us more than enough to talk about:



1) The Avengers isn’t over yet: So, there are a LOT of things I really like about this trailer. The first major positive this trailer accomplishes is showing how the events of The Avengers have left their disastrous effects on Tony Stark. One of my major concerns going into Phase Two of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was that I thought they were going to just write off what happened in The Avengers like it either never even happened or address the events quickly and move on to the next chapter of the story. Oh, how I appear to be pleasantly wrong! Not only are the filmmakers not doing that, but they’re making the psychological effects that an individual would have after stopping an alien invasion in New York City a major plot point in Iron Man 3, a concept I absolutely love and one that can add more complex depth to Tony Stark. As long as they don’t attempt to go overboard with this idea and unbalance action from drama (like Iron Man 2), everything should work smoothly; I’m definitely curious too see where they take this idea.

2) Stark Is Ganna Lose: Another aspect of this trailer that I truly enjoy is that from these two minutes alone, anyone who watches will already be able to tell that Stark is going to lose a lot in this film. We see Pepper Potts get taken by someone who has stolen the Mach VIII, we see all of Stark’s pervious models of the Iron Man suit get blown up, and, in what is the action highlight of the trailer and could be the slam-bam spectacle of the entire film, Stark’s entire cliff-side house gets absolutely demolished by choppers with rockets. Not only does this look epic and visually dazzling, but it also establishes that Tony Stark’s world is coming to a crumbling halt. This concept is fantastic because although the previous two films had tension, there was never a point in which I thought Tony Stark was going to lose everything he had and loved. Rather thrillingly, this trailer makes Stark’s demise perfectly clear and I can’t wait to see Stark rebound from this great suffering (much like he did in the great first installment).

3) Badass Villains: When talking about any superhero movie or trailer, it’s a necessity to address the villain, and in Iron Man 3 the fans are fortunate enough to get two iconic ones: The Mandarin and Aldrich Killian. Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of The Mandarin looks unbelievably badass, and although he doesn’t have much to say in the trailer, what he does speak of is utterly terrifying: “Some people call me a terrorist. I call myself a teacher. Lesson Number 1: Heroes – There are no such thing.” While we don’t see much of Guy Pierce’s interpretation of Aldrich Killian (we really only got a screenshot of his face), his appearance reinforces my assumption from before that the film is going to follow the Extremis storyline fromthe comic books, which would make my inner comic book nerd freak out with happiness. While multiple villains can hurt more than help (Spider-Man 3, even Iron Man 2), I’m willing to place my bets that two enemies played by the great Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce will work fine and give Stark some real struggles to overcome (see #2).

OVERALL: The Iron Man 3 trailer is fantastic and the perfect tease to get fans hungry for May 2013. The studio does great job balancing action and explosions while highlighting Stark’s internal conflict and growth, and as long as they stick to that formula, I think the fans will be more than pleased. The trailer displays a tone that, to me, looks like a cross between the original Iron Man and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series, which could be a film I wouldn’t mind spending a couple hours watching.


Are you excited for Iron Man 3? Do you think it is going to be a better summer superhero movie that Man of Steel? Did you enjoy Iron Man 2 or were you disappointed with it like I was? Sound off in the response section, I’d love to hear your opinions.

Article by Nick Franco


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