Trailer Reaction: “The Evil Dead”

It’s a general rule in Hollywood that remakes never work. However, once in a while, a remake will come along that hits all the right marks and reminds the audience why they love the original so much in the first place. Unfortunately, when it comes to horror movies there has never been a remake that has even remotely been successful in doing anything but making people want to leave the theater, so when it was revealed that Renaissance Pictures were remaking The Evil Dead, which is personally one of my favorite horror films ever, it’s safe to say that I was pretty upset. But as more information was released, and it was revealed that both Sam Raimi (the director of the originals) and Bruce Campbell (the lead actor in the originals) were producing the film, my worries started to slowly fade. With the red-band trailer now officially released, there is plenty to talk about:



1) It Might Not be a Remake: In an interview with Bruce Campbell when the remake was announced, he said that the similarities between this film and the original Evil Dead film would end after they find the book in the cabin. After watching the trailer, that statement is not completely true because we see the possessed arm and a quick glimpse at the infamous tree rape scene. However, among the removal of Ash from the story, the addition of Mia as the “female Ash”, and the addition of scenes such as the blood-rain and the possessed character splitting her tongue with a knife, it seems that this new Evil Dead film is less of a remake and more of a retelling with a familiar coat of paint. Since we haven’t seen the film yet no one really knows, but I think the idea of telling the story in a slightly different way rather than just doing the same thing would be a fantastic way to go, but either way I’m excited.

2) Blood, And Lot’s of It: After watching this trailer, it’s pretty easy to see why it was restricted: GORE! The amount of blood spilt throughout this trailer is absolutely ridiculous, and we fans wouldn’t have it any other way. The original Evil Dead film was gruesome as all hell, and the fact that they are staying true to the principle that made the first trilogy so successful gives me much more hope that this will turn out fantastic. On top of that, director Fede Alvarez went on record saying the film will use practical effects like the original film. Not only is this a breath of fresh air from all of the CGi-fests that get thrown at the screen, but the theme of sticking to the original formula seems to be common throughout production, which makes me believe that this might be one of the first, if not the first, horror remake/reboot that doesn’t suck (the original is known for its schlocky, B-movie gore and the remake looks to be following suit).

3) Atmosphere is Key: From the trailer, the film seems to set up a tone that leans toward horror and not much toward the black comedy that made the first trilogy successful. While this is somewhat saddening, the full movie has not come out yet so no one really knows the true tone of the film (though without black comedy it’ll be hard to do the original justice). What did impress me, however, was that the horror in the film focuses more on the atmosphere rather than jump-scares that have been so prominent in horror films today. The atmospheric type of scares are much better because although jump-scares will startle the audience for a minute or two, they don’t have a lasting impact and they aren’t even memorable in the slightest, whereas horror that focuses more on the atmosphere and the situation sticks with the viewer more and makes for a greater experience in general.


OVERALL: The Evil Dead trailer is a perfect first trailer that sets the tone for what looks like a very successful remake/reboot. They seem to be taking everything that made the first film so successful and spinning it in a new way, which I am very excited for. Coming from an individual who loves the Evil Dead trilogy and regards the franchise as one of the best horror trilogies ever created, I am genuinely pumped to see what they have in store in 2013.

Article by Nick Franco


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