Video Game Movies: 5 Must-Do Adaptations

If Wreck-It Ralph proved anything with its robust $49.9 million debut weekend, it’s that an audience for video game based films very much exists. Over the years, video games and movies haven’t gone all that well together; while the Tomb Rader and Resident Evil franchises saw successful crossovers, there hasn’t been a true video game based film that has struck a chord with audiences and critics alike (though that could all very well change with the upcoming adaptations of Assassin’s Creed and Need For Speed starring Michael Fassbender and Aaron Paul, respectively). After seeing Wreck-It Ralph and its ingenious use of classic videogames, I got to thinking about which games could make for thrilling motion picture experiences; without further ado, then, here are 5 videogames that should grace the silver screen within the next couple of years:



Why it must be a movie: With its densely realized plot (there’s already a completed trilogy with a rich plot full of twists and turns, plus a fourth being released this month), its extraordinary visuals, and the sizzling chemistry between Master Chief and Cortana, a Halo film franchise could be a blockbuster project and the perfect films for summer escapism.
We’re Thinking… The Lord of the Rings meets Star Trek meets Star Wars
Director Wish List: Peter Jackson, J.J. Abrams, Guillermo del Toro, Joss Whedon, Ridley Scott
Actor Wish List: Matt Damon (as Master Chief), Marion Cotillard or Cate Blanchette (Cortana)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Why it must be a movie: Everyone loves a gripping war story and there hasn’t been a truly great war story since The Hurt Locker took the award for Best Picture in 2012 (though that could all change with December’s Zero Dark Thirty); with exotic locations and intense shootouts, all a film would have to do is capture that first person shooter experience and the film could be a knockout
We’re Thinking… The Hurt Locker meets Three Kings
Director Wish List: Kathryn Bigelow, Oliver Stone
Actor Wish List: Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Johnson, Tom Hardy


The Sims

Why it must be a movie: Between The Cabin in the Woods, Seven Psychopaths, and Cloud Atlas, 2012 has been the year of the meta-movie and a film version of The Sims, if handled carefully, could be the next great entry in this riveting new film genre. Though a Sims film could go a variety of ways, I’m thinking of the story of a family who moves into a neighborhood of Sims, or suburbanites being programmed from a control room, and dark hilarity ensues that mock and undermine the suburban lifestyle.
We’re Thinking… The Cabin in the Woods meets American Beauty meets The Stepford Wives
Director Wish List: David O. Russell, The Coen Bros., Spike Jonze
Actor Wish List: Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney, Ellen Page, Ezra Miller


Grand Theft Auto

Why it must be a movie: With a strong ensemble, a Grand Theft Auto film adaptation could be a raw and emotional urban crime drama, one with equal amounts of character development and shocking, gory violence; with a Fall release date, Oscars could be coming!
We’re Thinking… The Town meets Boyz N The Hood meets Training Day
Director Wish List: Ben Affleck, Michael Mann, Steven Soderbergh
Actor Wish List: Casey Affleck, Mark Whalberg, Tom Wilkinson, Elizabeth Olsen, Denzel Washington, Macy Gray


Hydro Thunder

Why it must be a movie: Growing up, playing Hydro Thunder on the Sega Dreamcast or in the arcade before someone’s birthday party was a daily must-do, for when it came to videogames Thunder was a perfect high adrenaline rush of fun. With eye popping visuals (and of course 3D!) and white-knuckle boat racing scenes, a Hyrdo Thunder film could be the perfect escape film during the slow January-March months
We’re thinking… The Fast and the Furious meets Speed Racer
Director Wish List: The Wachowskis, Pete Travis, Justin Lin
Actor Wish List: Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Jordana Brewster, Blake Lively


Any videogames your dying to see on the big screen? Did you enjoy Wreck-It Ralph?

Article by Zack Sharf


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