“Skyfall”: A Critical Reaction (PODCAST)

If it isn’t clear by now, let us just remind you: JAMES BOND IS BACK AND HE’S BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER! After earning some of the franchises best reviews (it currently holds a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and our own Mike Murphy gave it a perfect 10/10), Skyfallthe 23rd entry in the 50-year-old James Bond movie franchise, shattered the box office with a staggering $88 million debut, easily the biggest opening weekend ever for a 007-starring film. With over half a billion dollars grossed internationally in just the first two weeks of release, Skyfall is clearly the Fall blockbuster and the 007 movie the world has been waiting for, but is everyone truly a fan? In this exclusive podcast, our Reel Reactions critics – Zack Sharf, Mike Murphy, and James Hausman – sit down for an open discussion about Skyfall; is this really the best James Bond film to date? Just how great is Javier Bardem and Judi Dench? Where will the Bond franchise go next? Who should direct the 24th installment? These are just a few of the many topics we explore in our Skyfall critical reaction:


Do you guys agree? Did you love Skyfall as much as James and Mike? Agree with Zack that the film could’ve used a little more classic Bond? Where do you guys think the movie franchise should go next? Sound off on any of the topics discussed below…


2 thoughts on ““Skyfall”: A Critical Reaction (PODCAST)

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