“Les Misérables”: Critical Reaction (PODCAST)

File:Les-miserables-movie-poster1.jpgAfter earning rapturous praise and instant Oscar buzz after its first screening in New York almost a month ago, Les Miserables, Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper’s ambitious adaptation of the beloved stage musical, seemed to be succumbing to severe critical backlash during the days leading up to its Christmas release date. Despite some polarizing reviews, our own Mike Murphy loved the film, awarding it an 8/10 and praising it as a rousing adaption, and the film earned a massive $18 million on opening day, the second best ever for a Christmas Day release. Even more positive is the fact that the film received a glowing A CinemaScore, indicating that audiences are truly loving Hooper’s vision of the most successful musical of all time. In our latest podcast, Mike joins Zack Sharf and Harrison Richlin, our Executive Producer here at Reel Reactions, for a candid discussion of Les Miserables; is it the greatest movie musical of all time? How well does Hooper follow up his Oscar win for The King’s Speech? Is Hathaway the future Best Supporting Actress winner? Click below and join in on the discussion:



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