“Django Unchained”: Critical Reaction (PODCAST)

After earning an impressive $15 million on Christmas Day, the most of any R-rated film released on the lucrative holiday, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was awarded a truly great A- CinemaScore, confirming the one thing we knew about the film the minute we first saw it: it’s the most insane fun you’ll have at the movies all year! While our own Zack Sharf praised the film as the perfect Tarantino movie and awarded it a 9/10, everyone here at Reel Reactions is just as enthusiastic, if not more so. In our last podcast of 2012, Zack sits down with Mike Murphy and James Hausman for a pumped up chat about Tarantino’s latest genre mash-up masterpiece. Is it the best Tarantino film yet? Just how amazing is Leonardo DiCaprio? Does this bloody revenge epic stand a chance at the Oscars? Listen to the discussion below and then join in on the conversation in the comments section:



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