Trailer Reaction: “The Hangover: Part III”

File:The Hangover Part 3.JPGWhen Todd Philips’ The Hangover hit screens in 2009, no one really knew what to expect. While the trailers did show off some very hilarious content, the film stayed pretty under the radar in terms of marketing. Fast forward 6 months and that little comedy film had exploded, raking in over $460 million worldwide and becoming one of the most successful R-rated comedies of all time. With the overwhelming success the film received, it was almost inevitable that a sequel was going to be made, but instead of getting something new and original, audiences instead received The Hangover Part II: a literal carbon-copy of the first film with the only change being the setting and a clear cash crab for the studio (which, ironically, paid off since the film grossed $581 million worldwide). While the film followed in the footsteps of the first financially, it was extremely disliked by critics and audiences alike, both of which agreed that the similarities caused the jokes to become stale, contrite, and repetitively unfunny. So when it was announced that a third and final installment in the series was being developed, it’s safe to say I was a little apprehensive, and now that a trailer has been released, we finally have something to talk about:



Why I’m Excited

1) Back to Vegas – When the sequel to The Hangover was first announced, the first idea that went through my head was something along the lines of the group having to go back to Vegas because something from that night still wasn’t solved or they lost something and needed to go back and find it. While the second one disappointed with it’s lack of anything other than recycled jokes from the first one, it seems like Part III is following the idea that myself and many others had intended for Part II. All we do know from the trailer is that the death of Alan’s father reunites the infamous wolf-pack, and their return to Vegas opens the door for a multitude of original hijinks (like Allan buying a giraffe and decapitating it) and villains, as well as some nice throwbacks to the original (the quick glimpse of Heather Graham’s kind-hearted stripper is particulary inviting).

2) John Goodman & Melissa McCarthy – Although it was rumored that John Goodman’s role in this film would be a main villain when he was added to the cast, no one was ever really sure what his involvement would be. However, after watching him shoot a man in the face with henchman standing all around him (all while wearing a comically light blue track suit), it’s pretty obvious to say that he will be playing a villain. Honestly, rather than it just being a generic mob after the trio, a new definitive villain in the series is exactly what it needs to freshen it up; plus, having that villain portrayed by John Goodman is just plain awesome. Also, the quick cutaway to a scene that has Alan seductively inserting a lollipop into a Goth-looking Melissa McCarthy looks absolutely gross, raunchy, and hilarious – all things we’ve come to expect from The Hangover films. I mean, seriously, just the idea of pairing up Zach Galifianakis with Melissa McCarthy seems like a match made in R-rated comedy heaven!

Why I’m Very Skeptical

1) It’s a Comedy, Right? – One of the main problems I have with this trailer is that I never really laughed throughout it. While the singing part in the beginning was great (it reminded me of the end of the first movie with the wedding singer seductively crooning 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop) and though it brought a smile to my face to see the wolf-pack back together again, there was never a point in the trailer where I found myself genuinely laughing out loud. I just feel like this chapter could possibly suffer from the same lack of genuine heart and fun spirit as the second installment. Even though this trailer did a great job setting up a plot that looks interesting (which is the main element that brought Part II down), the lack of comedic elements is a little worrisome (the giraffe gag is funny, but is that really the best they’ve got?). Now, I could be wrong and they could be saving all of the best comedic moments for the film (which would be fantastic), but with the way trailers and marketing usually spoil the best parts for most films, I honestly think what was shown in this trailer is the extent of the hilarious content audiences will be getting, which is unfortunate. Though here’s hoping I’m dead wrong!

Overall, the trailer for The Hangover: Part III has me very mixed. While I really enjoy the idea of going back to where it all started and I’m loving John Goodman’s potential as a villain (he recently played a great one in the television show Community), the most important thing for a comedy to do is make me laugh, and if this trailer is an indication of how the rest of the film will play out, it’s not going to be a very funny one, at least for me.

What did you all think about the trailer? Do you agree with me or were you cracking up and think I need to reassess my taste in comedy? Let me know in the comments below…

Article by Nick Franco


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