Critical Reaction: “Oblivion” (PODCAST)

Oblivion debuted with a strong $38.2 million this weekend, not quite as high as the visually spectacular trailers probably hoped for (Universal Studios CGI-heavy marketing campaign was clearly pushing the film to be an April blockbuster a la the studios’ luck with Fast and Furious sequels in 2009 and 2011), but still good enough to deliver star Tom Cruise his best opening weekend since 2005’s War of the Worlds. Over the past couple of years, Cruise has seen his star-power fade thanks to his Scientology practices, his marriage and divorce from Katie Holmes, and his string of box office bombs, including Rock of Ages, Knight and Day, and Jack Reacher, which could only muster up a weak $15 million debut last December. So, does this sturdy opening debut for Oblivion indicate a reinvention of sorts for Tom Cruise? More importantly, should Tom Cruise even be reinvented in the first place? Or should he continue to fade into obscurity? In our latest Critical Reaction Podcast, Zack Sharf and Mike Murphy sit down to talk everything Oblivion; how good is Cruise? What about supporting players Morgan Freeman and the fresh-faced Andrea Riseborough? Is Oblivion too ambitious for its own good? Is the film worth your $10+ at the box office? Take a click below and join in on the discussion:



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