“Prisoners”: Critical Reaction (PODCAST)

In this blockbuster age of sequels, prequels, reboots, and adaptations, it’s not everyday Hollywood offers up a challenging, original R-rated adult drama. When they do, it’s usually an under-the-radar festival gem that, if lucky enough, gains some traction at the specialty box office. Most don’t unfortunately. This weekend, the nationwide box office saw the release of one of its most ambitious titles in years, Prisoners, Oscar-nominated French director Denis Villeneuve’s dark, dazzling kidnapping drama that has the cast of an American drama but the atmosphere of a European art house movie. Slow burning and head spinning, our own Zack Sharf praised Prisoners as “the first great film of the Fall Movie Season” and it seems audiences agreed, for despite an R-rating and a 153-minute runtime, the adult drama debuted at the top of the charts with a strong $21 million. In our first podcast of the semester, Zack sits down with fellow writers Mike Murphy and James Hausman to discuss everything Prisoners, from the strong ensemble work to the film’s potential Oscar chances. Click below to join:


Did you see Prisoners this weekend? What did you think?


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