“GRAVITY”: Critical Reaction (PODCAST)

This weekend, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity became both a critical and box office darling.  With the best reviews for a nationwide release this year – it has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and our own James Hausman gave it a perfect 10/10 – and an astonishing $55.8 million debut weekend, the largest opening for an October release ever, Gravity is now poised to be a huge player at this year’s Academy Awards. And guess what? We couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s not every year an Oscar frontrunner is also a bona fide box office hit but Gravity is defying expectations, which is extremely fitting for a film that also defies the possibilities for what we think film can do. In our latest Critical Reaction Podcast, Hausman joins Zack Sharf and Mike Murphy to talk everything Gravity, from Sandra Bullock’s mesmerizing performance to Cuaron’s visual and sensory genius. Is it possible to praise Gravity more than we have? Probably not, but we’ll continue to gush over it anyways:

Did you see Gravity this weekend? Are you in as much awe over it as we are? Sound off on the discussion board below


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