Trailer Reaction: “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

When Marvel announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012 that one of their next projects was going to be an adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, comic book movie fans around the world cried out in tandem, “Who?!” While small amounts of people were familiar with the property, general audiences had absolutely no idea about this team or their general story. Due to the property being one of the bigger risks for Marvel as of late, many, including myself, were surprised at how little the studio was doing in regards to getting the property onto the masses’ radar. Up until late January of this month, very little was known about the film other than its cast, its August 1, 2015 release date, and a very simplistic premise, which is not enough when you have to explain to people that one of the next installments in your highly successful franchise stars a talking raccoon who’s a weapons expert and a tree who can only speak in one phrase. Marvel’s reluctance to show even a clip during the Super Bowl, an event that is known for trailers to highly anticipated films, made some nervous about the state of the film and those who have been itching for a glimpse just outright angry. Well it finally seems like the fans’ cries have been answered as the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy was released on Tuesday and can be seen here:


In a world where comic book films are moving more toward the style of The Dark Knight, Marvel continues to innovate with what looks and feels like a movie leaping right off of a comic book page. From Peter Quill’s first scene in the cave (which felt very Indiana Jones-esque), it’s easy to see that this will not be the typical Hollywood comic book film. All of these lead characters are criminals and outlaws convicted for everything from theft to mass murder. None are your stock heroes; they are a bag of misfits. Take Quill for example: although being the main protagonist of the film, he couldn’t be father from it; he’s childish in his behavior, stubborn, snarky, and fueled with a bit of a temper. Sure, so is the Hulk and Iron Man, but unlike other Marvel films it doesn’t seem like Quill’s flaws are going to be taken as seriously because he doesn’t seem like he wants them to be. While the last 45 seconds of the trailer really kick into the spectacle of the film (which will be discussed shortly), the rest of the trailer does a fantastic job setting up the lighthearted tone and quirky comedy that will be seen throughout the movie.

Not knowing the source material previously, when James Gunn was announced as writer/director I was scratching my head a bit. While I love Slither and Super, his style just didn’t seem to fit the Marvel mold in my mind. Although I’m not wrong in my assumption, his style is infused perfectly throughout this project and works so well because it is completely different than any other Marvel film we have seen. Every scene in this trailer pops with Gunn’s quirky sense of comedy and charm. From Quill’s “machine finger” joke to Rocket Raccoon spit shining the floor, the trailer infuses itself with the perfect balance of comedy and sets the tone of the film as well.  After a somewhat comedic scene between Quill and a guard regarding his music player, the trailer kicks into high gear, presenting us with very quick images of high-octane action, showing audiences that this isn’t just going to be a weird science-fiction comedy film. From Drax taken down a bunch of people to Rocket Raccoon 360-degree-wielding an impressive firearm on top of a rage-filled Groot, the trailer presents a good contrast, showing us a fair amount of spectacle while also reminding us that first and foremost the film will be about having fun and traveling on an adventure with this ragtag group of misfits. Also, let’s be honest, how badass was it to hear that awesome “Hooked on a Feeling”/Ooga-Chaca chant mash up while the Guardians were completely wrecking shop? Very badass. 

Overall, I believe this trailer is a great representation of what the tone of Guardians of the Galaxy will be and I cannot be more excited. The over the top tone and cheesiness is moving away from the gritty, realistic theme in comic book films and presenting something new and completely ridiculous, which I believe this genre of film desperately needs, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gunn and company seem to be injecting this Universe we all think we know top to bottom with a strangeness that hasn’t been present, and I for one cannot wait. So what did you think of the Guardians trailer? Do you like the drastic difference in tone or did it put you off completely? And have you been having trouble getting that chant out of your head? Sound off in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Article by Nick Franco


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