“Indiana Jones”: Bradley Cooper & 5 More Reboot Casting Choices

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.jpgThe Indiana Jones franchise would have been better left alone back in 1989 after the third film left the adventures of the iconic archaeologist on a high note. But like any old recognizable franchise, Paramount brought it back for the much-hated fourth installment Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, and now they’re looking to make a fifth. However, it’s clear after the last film that keeping Harrison Ford on isn’t going to work out, so a new rumor from Latino Review suggests that the studio is looking to “James Bond it” by casting a new young actor in the role. That actor? Bradley Cooper. I can see why, Cooper has a similar rugged charm to a young Harrison Ford, but Ford strikes the right balance between being a hero and being a bit of a prick and Cooper leans too much on the latter for me. So instead, here are my five picks for young actors to take over the role (that is, if we’re forced to see a new film. I’d rather the franchise just die):

Tom Hardy – Already a part of the Batman and Mad Max franchises, Hardy is probably the most popular actor listed here, but it’s for a good reason. The Inception breakout star has a surplus of charm and has proven his capability as an action star more than anyone else on the list. He’d probably be a studio’s first pick simply because he’s the most recognizable face on my list, but he might be my top choice too because he really fits the bill.

Armie Hammer 2011 AA (revised).jpgArmie Hammer – Although he wasn’t a very compelling action hero in The Lone Ranger, Hammer wasn’t given all that much to work with there. The youngest on this list, Hammer would probably have to play an earlier version of the character, but he has a great classical Hollywood star look to him and showed he’s immensely talented in his breakout role in The Social Network. He hasn’t had a hit (financially or critically) since, so chances are the actor would take this offer in a heartbeat, and I’d be excited to see what he’d do with the role.

FelicityJonesTIFFSept2011.jpgFelicity Jones – I don’t think gender bending could ever work for a Bond film, but I can easily see a woman donning the fedora and going after some Nazis. Jones has been mainly in indie fare such as Like Crazy and The Invisible Woman, but she’ll be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in just a few short weeks and has an energy to her that could translate really well to these types of adventure movies. Casting a woman would be a bold choice, and frankly would be one of the few things producers could do to suggest this film isn’t just a cash-in.

Oscar Isaac at the New York Premiere of Won't Back Down, September 2012.jpgOscar Isaac – He’s been stuck playing pretty unlikable characters in films like Inside Llewyn Davis and Drive, but Isaac still has this likability that shines through those characters, which he could work wonders with for a character like Indiana Jones. He’s probably the most talented actor on here and one that might not even have any interest in the role (his future films, such as J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year opposite Jessica Chastain, suggest he’s more interested in working with talented people and less with money), but Isaac certainly fits the bill.

David Oyelowo – Oyelowo is my last pick simply because I haven’t seen him in a role where he can bring the charms that others higher up can. His small roles in blockbusters like Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Red Tails didn’t give him much to do, and his best roles have been in pretty bad Lee Daniels movies, The Paperboy and The Butler. But Oyelowo still brings a presence to all those films that hints at a certain star quality that could make for a really interesting recasting. It would probably be a different, more serious Dr. Jones, but maybe that’s what the franchise needs.

What do you think? What would your pick be if you were recasting the role? Would you go with Cooper, one of my picks, or someone else entirely?

Article by Wesley Emblidge



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