“Prometheus 2”: New Writer and Release Date Announced

To say there was an enormous amount of hype and excitement among science-fiction fans when Prometheus finally hit theaters in June of 2012 would be an understatement. Ridley Scott, the man behind Alien and Blade Runner, two of the greatest science-fiction films ever made, was not only returning to the genre of science-fiction but also to the Alien universe he had begun over 30 years ago with a film that, while not a direct prequel to Alien, did take place in the same universe. While the film was met with mostly positive critical and financial success, many fans were unsure how to feel about the movie and as months went on the cracks of the film began to show up in discussions more frequently.

Many began criticizing the absolutely preposterous behavior of the team of scientists and the numerous amounts of plot holes and unanswered questions rather then praising the impressive visuals and lead performances like they were when walking out of the film. The shift in opinion has gradually declined to the point where it’s rare to hear anyone praise the film or say anything positive other than “I had fun watching it” or “well it looked really good, and Michael Fassbender was good.” I share a similar opinion of the film with the latter. While I believe that any sane person must admit that the film looks absolutely breathtaking, coming from a fan of the Alien franchise, or at least the first two, I was a bit let down by the story, especially the idiotic character motivations and the lack of a compelling story.

So when rumors of a sequel being in the works began circling the Internet, many were curious about what this meant for both franchises. Would this sequel be the link that binds Prometheus and the Alien franchise? Or would it take the story further from the franchise, focusing on and fleshing out some of the concepts brought up in Prometheus? However, the sequel began to lose steam, and after the news of a first draft had been written we heard nothing major about the project. This week, however, fans were given a substantial amount of new information when news-site The Wrap reported that the sequel will be rewritten by Green Lantern and new Blade Runner scribe Michael Green and directed by Ridley Scott, with a release date slated for March 4, 2016.

Regardless of my opinions of the first film, there is no doubt that I am definitely looking forward to this sequel simply because of the different possibilities it possesses. Scott has said in interviews that his plan was to have Shaw (Noomi Rapace) reach this planet of Engineers and realize that she and David (Michael Fassbender) are not safe on this planet and must get the hell out of there to survive. This vision of a paradise planet in which the creators of humanity live could potentially make this universe even more cluttered and confusing, but if handled well it could shed a light on the ideas and bring up different theories about creation and where our place is in the universe, all while finding a way to provide the more thrilling, Alien-esque tone that we were hoping for with Prometheus. Scott’s willingness to learn from this past film and make changes based on what fans believed worked and what didn’t will be the determining factor as to whether or not this film will sink or swim, and I believe these early concepts and a more cohesive tie in to the other franchise is definitely a move in the right direction.

However, Michael Green’s previous writing experience is the major red flag in this entire news story. Other than a couple of episodes of television, Green’s only major writing credit is the 2011 “film” the Green Lantern. While I contest there are certain factors of that film that did in fact work, I think it’s universally agreed upon that the bulk of the film’s problems stem from the script. Not only is this writer somewhat inexperienced, but also his first crack at writing a blockbuster film didn’t go over well. With Green also co-writing the future Blade Runner film, it seems as though Ridley Scott has seen something in his writing abilities to allow him to trust Green with this big of a project, but from an outsiders perspective it raises high skepticism for the future. Either way, we won’t know how the sequel will play out until 2016.

Article by Nick Franco


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