“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” First Footage Revealed

From its ambitions attempt to collide two giant casts to the return of Bryan Signer, the director of the first two films in the franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past has easily been one of the most anticipated and eagerly awaited comic book films since fans were told it was coming a mere two years ago. The Internet has been berated with countless announcements, set photos, and first official looks that all led up to October when the first trailer finally arrived, exceeding many fans expectations, including my own. For one last push before its release on May 23rd, Sony has introduced two final trailers and, most intriguingly and tantalizingly, the first official clip, which was released this past Sunday during the MTV Movie Awards (watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCniB_aF7rA)

Easily one of the most exciting parts of this clip is actually seeing these characters, old and new, in action. Even though we have known this is the arc the filmmakers have been planning since its announcement in 2012 and through post-credits scenes and trailers, it’s just really settling in to see all of these classic characters doing their thing once again. Although short, this scene features a plethora of action and mutant powers, including familiar characters like Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) freezing enemy Sentinels and Kitty Pride (Ellen Page) teleporting through walls, as well as never before-seen characters Blink, Bishop, and Sunspot showing off their stuff as well (Sunspot transferring his supernova powers into Bishop who connects it to his gun is fantastically awesome).

The clip as a whole seems to come together very nicely and looks to set the tone and pace for the film very well. The editing is tight and succinct and the clip action packed, providing plenty of special effect eye candy and fast paced suspense that should be sufficient enough to hold fans over for the upcoming month. Although I was initially apprehensive about the design of the future Sentinels, seeing them finally in action removes any uneasy feelings I formerly had. The design, although following the dark and gritty trend that all superhero films seem to be following nowadays, also looks very efficient and pretty terrifying, and it seems like Singer and company will be making their deadly presence known early and often.

However, one of my major worries throughout the development of this film has been the idea of an overcrowded ensemble. By introducing the older X-Men back into this film universe as well as introducing new characters, the idea of balancing becomes a major issue. The crew had a plethora of incredible characters to choose from, which is fantastic, but it can also be worrisome as they could all be reduced to very minor/expendable supporting characters. And although I could be completely wrong, for me this clip seems to heighten those worries, more so than any of the trailers have. The clip starts off fantastic, showcasing all of these new characters, but as the Sentinels arrive it seems to leave them in the dust as Kitty and Iceman run off to fight a Sentinel of their own. While I realize there is no way for each of these characters to have as much significance as the main characters in the film, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned that the filmmakers might be throwing in characters for minimal screen time just to appease fans rather than giving them any sort of significance to the material at hand whatsoever.

Nevertheless, the first official clip of X-Men: Days of Future Past is an overall success. Fast paced and highly entertaining, the clip sets the tone for the film perfectly and presents a hefty amount of entertaining visuals. The introduction of the new characters is very streamlined and quick, while seeing the older characters show off their abilities once again is a nice dose of badass nostalgia. Although still somewhat apprehensive, if this clip is indicative of the route Singer and company will be taking this film and the soon to be in-production X-Men: Apocalypse, color me excited.

Are you prepping to see Days Of Future Past this Memorial Day Weekend?

Article by Nicholas Franco


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