Box Office Results: September 26, 2014

Last week we took at stab at predicting this past weekend’s box office results, and as it is oft to be, our predictions didn’t pan out quite the way we had anticipated. The box office is a tricky beast, with many films poised to break the bank end up flopping hard, and the occasional film coming out of nowhere and catching on with the movie going public. There’s rarely consistency or predictability so it’s always a bit of a crapshoot when it comes to predications, but that’s part of the fun! Regardless, we’re taking a look at the results of this weekend’s box-office and seeing where we were right and the many places we were wrong!

1.) “The Equalizer”:   Coming in first was “The Equalizer,” which earned $34 million. We had predicted that “The Maze Runner” was going to come in first with “The Equalizer” at a close second. Action movies have a tendency to win it big at the box office on their opening weekend. Despite his increasing age, it turns out that Denzel Washington is still pretty badass, and had critics buzzing. In addition, Chloe Grace Moretz has gained wild popularity after her appearance as Hit Girl in the “Kick-Ass” franchise, and she serves as a draw even for those not necessarily interested in a high stakes thriller movie.


2.) The Maze Runner”:   Coming in second this weekend was “The Maze Runner,” grossing a mere $17.4 million. Perhaps people weren’t as antsy for a “Hunger Games” clone as we had thought. Perhaps the film simply didn’t live up to the expectations of the books, and that led to word spreading and therefore decreased profits. Book to movie translations can be tricky, and if not done well enough to have hardcore fans satisfied, they often flop. Luckily for “The Maze Runner,” there was no major disaster, that being said, there was no major triumph either.

3.) “The Boxtrolls”:   Our prediction for number three at the box office was fairly accurate, with “The Boxtrolls” coming in third as anticipated, with only a $2 million discrepancy from the original guess. “The Boxtrolls” earned $17 million where we had guessed about $15 million, likely performing well due to the lack of kids movies during the summer. With the start of the school year, kids are going to want to unwind during the weekend and “The Boxtrolls” proved to be one of the most popular recreational activities of the weekend.

4.) “This Is Where I Leave You”:   We had guessed that “A Walk Among the Tombstones” would take fourth place, but it actually dropped all the way to seventh, with “This is Where I Leave You” taking fourth instead. “This is Where I Leave You” received fairly good critical reviews, which likely increased its attendees. Also, after Jason Bateman’s recent successful movie run, with films like “Horrible Bosses,” he seems to have grabbed the attention of the public.


5.) “Dolphin Tale 2”:   Finally, coming in fifth wasn’t “This is Where I Leave You,” as we had predicted, but rather it was “Dolphin Tale 2,” coming in with $4.8 million. The only possible explanation for “Dolphin Tale 2” making number five on the list is that people thought their friends were joking when they fled from the first one. Dolphin Tale 2 had Morgan Freeman as a major draw, and also is a movie made for children, which has been desperately craved at the box office. As a very family friendly movie, “Dolphin Tale 2” hit a large audience and was able to hardily take the fifth spot.


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