Box Office Predictions: October 3rd, 2014

We are back at it once again this week to try and correctly predict the weekend’s box office results. Will we succeed in correctly guessing placings and earnings, or fail horribly? Only time will tell! In our crosshairs this week is the beloved David Fincher’s newest directorial project “Gone Girl” and “The Conjuring’s” prequel about that crazy doll named “Annabelle.” We give our predictions to the best of our Hollywood expertise, and hopefully there will be some truth to them come Monday morning!

1.) “Gone Girl”:

Coming in first this week should certainly be David Fincher’s “Gone Girl.” This film has been extremely anticipated by the general public, which means that tickets will sell consistently all weekend. Ben Affleck is the leading man, whose draw as an A-list actor is matched only by the hype surrounding him playing Batman. “Gone Girl” also received positive critic reviews, and is expected to be a contender at the Oscars. This early hype is enough to bring out the fans of these Oscar-type films in full force to support Fincher’s latest, which we believe will easily give the book-adaptation the top spot this week. = $30 million

2.) “The Equalizer”:

While not one the films opening weekend, “The Equalizer” took first place last weekend and should not be underestimated. Because it is the only adult-oriented action flick available in theaters at the moment, “The Equalizer” holds a place of power among this weekend’s films. And with a first weekend gross of $34 million, we don’t expect that number to fall off considerably. Anybody not looking for the drama of “Gone Girl” or the horror of “Annabelle” will be at “The Equalizer.” Plus the announcement of a sequel already in the works adds another facet to the film’s hopeful second-weekend success. = $25 million

3.) “Annabelle”:

There’s no denying that audiences love a good jump scare. This weekend, “Annabelle” is the premiere film to deliver just that. “Annabelle” is currently the only horror film to premiere this weekend. Also, the closer we get to Halloween, the more popular the horror genre becomes. Horror films typically make a lot of money on their opening weekend, and there is no reason to believe “Annabelle” will preform any differently. However, “The Equalizer” still has Denzel Washington to carry it through another week, and the negative word of mouth coming from critics and fans alike during early screenings could potentially bring this horror prequel slightly below second-place earnings. = $23 million

4.) “The Boxtrolls”:

Despite opening just barely behind “The Maze Runner” last weekend, “The Boxtrolls” should have the edge this time around. “The Maze Runner” proved last weekend that it is no Hunger Games franchise, and because the film didn’t blow out the competition in similar fashion, it is likely to drop significantly this weekend. Now that the hype has died down and movie goers have accepted that we don’t have another book-to-film smash hit on our hands, “The Boxtrolls” can take the lead. Being one of the only movies made for the whole family, “The Boxtrolls” has every opportunity to dominate its genre, and the positive word of mouth coming from fans can only help. = $14 million

5.) “The Maze Runner”:

Despite its slow opening weekend, “The Maze Runner” isn’t quite out of the race yet. Although some of the hype is gone, “The Maze Runner” is still a perfect film for young teenagers and their parents. While “The Maze Runner” isn’t expected to pull any miracles, it will still make its fair share. Also, much like “The Equalizer,” this film benefits from having a sequel announced as well, pulling more people into the seats eager to check out where this young adult adaptation leaves off and where it could go in future films. Slow and steady doesn’t win the race, but it will assure you fifth place. = $12 million

By Sam Rivman


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