Box Office Results: October 3rd, 2014

People often say that practice makes perfect. In that case, we’re going to need a lot more practice. While some of our predictions hit the mark, we certainly haven’t worked any miracles this week. Many of the choices once characterized by a “nailed it!” now just make us say “I immediately regret this decision”. Despite a few really wonky predictions, this week didn’t go as poorly as it could have. Come back next week for more, hopefully less incorrect box office predictions!

1.) “Gone Girl”:

At the very least, we can rejoice in the fact that we didn’t miss the very obvious number one movie of the week, which was David Fincher’s Gone Girl. The hype around Ben Affleck right now is very real thanks to high profile roles such as this and Batman. Our estimate was within the right ballpark as well. We guessed that “Gone Girl” would gross about $30 million, but it topped that and hit a whopping $37.5 million. Fincher is a highly sought after director, and it would have been foolish to bet against him. With “Gone Girl” topping the box office, it seems as though movies based on novels really are a consistent success.

2.) “Annabelle”:

Coming in second, much to our surprise, was “Annabelle.” We originally predicted “The Equalizer” would follow its previous success and take second this week, and that “Annabelle” would take third grossing only $23 million. However, “Annabelle” blew that number away, just barely missing “Gone Girl” at $37.1 million. “Annabell”e didn’t look like a particularly entertaining horror film, but it knew its audience, and being a horror film in October seems to be enough to sell a boatload of tickets. “The Equalizer” performed far under what was expected, so “Annabelle” had no trouble stealing “The Equalizer’s” predicted spot.

3.) “The Equalizer”:

Denzel, you let us down! Taking the spot number three this week was “The Equalizer.” We had predicted “The Equalizer” coming in second at $25 million, but it lost to “Annabelle” and only raked in $18 million, most likely due to being its second week in theaters. The Equalizer opened big last week, but come this past weekend, most people who wanted to see it had already seen it. While Denzel Washington is a big draw, he was completely dwarfed by Ben Affleck in all his A-list glory. Who would have thought a cursed doll could more than double the cash that Denzel Washington was able to make? Certainly not us, which is why this week’s predictions were a little off center.

4.) “The Boxtrolls”:

This is a pick we are actually proud of. Coming in at fourth, just as predicted, was “The Boxtrolls.” As the only full-family film in theaters, “The Boxtrolls” had an obvious spot on the list. It also doesn’t hurt that it made $12 million, just $2 million shy of our $14 million prediction. Before the weekend, we said that “The Boxtrolls” would dominate its genre, and it did just that. The only film in direct competition was “The Maze Runner,” but seeing as it didn’t quite receive the best reviews on its opening weekend, “The Boxtrolls” was a clear choice to pull ahead.

5.) “The Maze Runner”:

Ending the list as predicted, “The Maze Runner” seems to have quickly lost steam thanks to being its third weekend, as well as most of its built-in audience showing up in the first couple weeks. We predicted that it would make $12 million, and it made $11.6 million, making it our closest prediction. While this is almost certainly its last week in the top five, we’re glad to see that “The Maze Runner” didn’t disappoint. “The Maze Runner” just didn’t bring anything really unique to the table, and with no star power, it couldn’t keep up with some of the higher picks.





By Sam Rivman


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