Box Office Predictions: October 10, 2014

Another weekend approaching means another round of box office predictions! Will we finally make a perfect sweep, or will the box office sweep us off our feet? Will “Gone Girl” stay on top or is it going to be usurped by one of this week’s new releases “Dracula Untold,” “The Judge,” or “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?” Only time will tell, so join us as we take yet another crack at predicting which movies will come out on top.

1.) “Gone Girl”:

Coming in first this week should be “Gone Girl” yet again. After its opening weekend, the hype surrounding David Fincher’s newest film has continued to exponentially spike. This movie is being hailed as one of Ben Affleck’s best roles and if he didn’t sell tickets before, knowing this could be the role of his lifetime will certainly have crowds pouring through the doors once again this weekend.  Gone Girl will surely decline from last weekend, but it should still have no issue staying on top. Indie films are all the rage right now, throw in an A-list actor and director, a rising star, and a popular novel, and you’ve got swimming pools of money.

≈ $25 million

2.) “Dracula Untold”:

“Dracula Untold” looks to be an interesting and entertaining take on the original age old story of vampire lord Dracula. Vampire films such as “Twilight” have done extremely well in the past, mainly catering to a female audience. However, “Dracula Untold” not only features an attractive male lead for the ladies, but a killer action story for the men as well. Because “Dracula Untold” hits such a wide audience, it should have no problem locking down second place this weekend.  However, the combination of mostly negative reviews,and no bankable stars or director, means it probably won’t be enough to overtake reigning champ “Gone Girl.”

≈ $23 million

3.) “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”:

This week we have a Disney movie in theaters. Need we say more? Last weekend we saw “The Boxtrolls” soar through the box office as the only family movie in theaters. Take that same formula and have the movie be produced by Disney, the biggest company for kids’ movies, and tickets will sell like crazy.  Add in an eclectic cast of A-listers, lead by Steve Carell, and “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” should have no trouble filling seats this weekend. However, it probably won’t be enough to break into the top two.

≈ $22 million 

4.) “Annabelle”:

Still the only straight up horror flick in theaters during the most popular month for horror, “Annabelle” is a force to be reckoned with. Despite having already been in theaters for a week,”Annabelle” should still easily outclass many of the other films currently in theaters just based on its previous success.  Don’t expect it to come close to the top three, which are all fairly close to each other, but “Annabelle” will still sell plenty of tickets nonetheless. A lack of competition should help “Annabelle” comfortably sit in the top five.

≈ $18 million

5.) “The Judge”:

Iron Man is back! Well, not exactly, but Robert Downey Jr. in any incarnation is bound to make the top of the box office. As one of the most popular and highest paid actors in all of Hollywood, RDJ is practically a real life superhero to his fans. Even without the faintest idea of what the film is about, people will still flock to the theaters simply because he’s in the film. Unfortunately, reviews have been mixed to negative, citing a hackneyed script and dull direction, and fall dramas are more dependent on good reviews to separate them from the pack, so “The Judge” may struggle making it into the upper echelon of the box office this weekend.

≈ $16 million

By Sam Rivman


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