Box Office Results: October 24, 2014

It looks like our predictions for this past weekend didn’t exactly come to fruition. “Ouija” earned far more than we anticipated, and “John Wick” earned far less, thereby reversing their places. Our positions for places three through five were accurate, however. They did perform better than we thought they would, though, so our numbers are a bit low. It wasn’t the easiest weekend to predict, so hopefully we can smooth our guesses out for next weekend!

1.) “Ouija”:

We had initially guessed that “John Wick” would be number one this week, based on the allure of Keanu Reeves along side the rave reviews that “John Wick” was receiving. However, “Ouija” came out of left field and overtook “John Wick,” which surprisingly over-performed, but not enough to usurp “Ouija.” Perhaps the fact that Halloween is next weekend pushed this horror film to the top. It also helps that we obviously overestimated “John Wick,” factoring into “Ouija’s”  surprise success. We predicted that “Ouija” would only make $11 million, but it nearly doubled our prediction with almost $20 million this past weekend.

2.) “John Wick”:

Coming in second is “John Wick,” which we thought was a shoe-in for first place. Our biggest blunder was assuming that “John Wick” would be able to far surpass its estimated earnings based on the buzz surrounding the film.  “Wick’s” pre-release tracking had it earning a measly $10-$11 million, and it safely surpassed that, but nowhere near as much as we expected.  Ordinarily, rave reviews are enough to break a film away from its estimated range, but this weekend seems to be an exception. We grossly overestimated that John Wick would make $32 million, but it only reeled in $14.4 million, which despite being more that the $11 million that it was estimated to make, was nowhere near our prediction.

3.) “Fury”:

Coming in third this weekend as we predicted was “Fury.”  Like we assumed, “Fury” didn’t make nearly as much as it had the weekend before, but it was still enough to make it to third place considering how slow things were at the box office this past weekend. “Fury” took a large profit drop, likely due to poor critic and customer reviews. Even so, a movie with Brad Pitt killing Nazis is still tough to beat regarding what attracts viewers. We guessed that “Fury” would only make $9 million, but it managed to exceed that with $13.4 million.

4.) “Gone Girl”:

Down at number four which we correctly predicted is the film that simply refuses to die, and rightfully so. “Gone Girl” is looking to make Best Picture at the Academy Awards at this rate. Not only is it considered one of Ben Affleck’s best roles as of late, “Gone Girl” also contained an excellent performance by Rosamund Pike. This past weekend marked an entire month that “Gone Girl” has stayed in the top five. This past weekend, it grossed $11 million despite our modest guess of $8 million.

5.) “The Book of Life”:

Rounding out the list as we had guessed was “The Book of Life.” It was the only kids movie out in theaters, which gave it an edge in that it held the entire market for family friendly entertainment. It wasn’t necessarily well received, but it still sold enough tickets to keep it in the running. We predicted that “The Book of Life” would only make $6 million due to the superior competition. However, “The Book of Life” actually managed to rake in a respectable $10 million, not falling too far behind “Gone Girl.”

By Sam Rivman


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