Box Office Predictions: November 7, 2014

Here we go again! It’s post “Halloweekend”, and there are some really new interesting competitors in the box office. With the addition of two major Hollywood blockbuster releases in “Interstellar” and “Big Hero 6,” the top 2 shouldn’t be too difficult to predict, with the group getting somewhat muddled as we move down the list. Will the choices this weekend be straight forward, or throw us for a loop? Only time will tell!

1). “Interstellar”:

While it wasn’t an easy choice to make, coming in first this week will most likely be Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”. Coming off of his monumental “Dark Knight” trilogy success, “Interstellar” is sure to be a hit for Nolan. His popularity as a director has skyrocketed due to his success with the “Dark Knight” trilogy, so people will be quite eager to see his newest project. It can’t be overlooked that Matthew McConaughey is the lead, alongside Anne Hathaway, who both have huge fan bases. Early tracking for the film predicts about $76 million dollars for the weekend, which is a number that will most likely be the highest of any film this weekend. = $70 million

2). “Big Hero 6”:

Finally, the time has come for a genuinely good family movie to sweep the theaters. Not since “The LEGO Movie” has there been such a high quality kids film in the box office. For that reason, “Big Hero 6” is expected to take second this weekend. Early tracking indicates that “Big Hero 6” will bring in $53 million, which is far less than “Interstellar”, but still wildly impressive. Not to mention, the trailer just looks absolutely adorable and quite witty. It wouldn’t be surprising to see just as many adults in the theaters as children. = $51 million

3). “Nightcrawler”:

Here’s where the numbers and excitement start to drop. “Nightcrawler” was met with very positive feedback during its opening weekend. However, it still only made $10.4 million, which is nowhere near the expectations of the top two films this weekend. Surely the earnings will only drop from that number considering that the film has already been around for a week. Even so, it still has a leg up on the other films in the running due to its star power with Jake Gyllenhaal, excluding “Interstellar” and “Big Hero 6”, of course. = $8 million

4). “Ouija”:

Now that Halloween is dead and gone, “Ouija” can be expected to drop harshly in popularity. With poor critical and public reviews, the third rate horror film that somehow managed to come in first two weeks in a row is not long for this world. Add two major blockbuster releases and positive word-of-mouth for Nightcrawler, and it looks like this “horror” film will be sliding down the box office Top 5 in a big way. = $6 million

5). “Fury”:

Rounding out the list is “Fury”, a film that great things were expected of, but never really came to fruition. Despite Brad Pitt taking the lead role in this film, it simply didn’t get off the ground like people expected it to. Perhaps people were afraid that the possibly coo-coo Shia Labeouf would build an actual Transformer with the earnings if the film made a large profit. Regardless of the reasons for its decline, the bottom line is that “Fury” is just hanging on by a thread. = $5 million

By Sam Rivman


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