Box Office Predictions: Jan 30th – February 1st

After a long hiatus, we are back with this weekend’s box office predictions! This weekend is filled to the brim with strong candidates, but only one film can be number one. With the Superbowl on Sunday, we can probably expect a slower week in the box office overall, as most people will be at home watching the game on Sunday evening. Will we do as well as we had in the past? Or will accurate predictions avoid our grasp? Only time will tell!

1. “American Sniper”

Sniper posterComing in first this week should definitely be Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper”. Considering Bradley Cooper’s performance, it is unsurprising that the film is generating a ton of Oscar buzz. “American Sniper” is also the target of much political debate between pro and anti military persons, so people will be seeing it to stay up to date. Considering how prevalent this film is in America right now, there is no doubt that people will flock to see it. “American Sniper” has also simply received great reviews and feedback. The film was first last weekend, and this weekend will most likely be a repeat. We estimate that the film will reel in approximately $49 million.

2.“Project Almanac”

Project ATaking second place this week will be “Project Almanac”. The film follows in films like “Chronicle”’s footsteps, using a hand held camera aesthetic. People generally react positively to such films, so “Project Almanac” shouldn’t be treated any differently. Although not nearly as influential in the film market as “American Sniper”, “Project Almanac” will still do well for itself. Time travel turns some people off of movie plots, as it can cause convolution, but there is certainly a market for wacky sci-fi films nonetheless, especially those produced by Michael Bay. We believe that “Project Almanac” will make about $20 million this weekend.

3. “Paddington”

paddington“Paddington” is not necessarily a strong film, but it still should pull its own weight this weekend. Kids movies typically perform decently, because they cater to a select market that isn’t particularly picky. Also, considering the lack of kids movies last year, “Paddington” is a refreshing choice. However, “Paddington” hasn’t performed particularly well in the past. We’re predicting that “Paddington” will gross approximately $9 million


4. “The Box Next Door”

the-boy-next-door-2015-hollywood-movie-posterDespite having a fairly decent opening weekend, “The Boy Next Door” will most likely drop dramatically. Through critic reviews and word of mouth, “The Boy Next Door” is now widely considered to be a terrible movie. Everyone who wanted to see it has probably seen it already, and anyone who hasn’t most likely wont after hearing of its short comings. We predict that “The Boy Next Door” is set for a $7 million dollar weekend.


5. “The Wedding Ringer”

WR posterAs the only straight up comedy in theaters this week, “The Wedding Ringer” should face little competition in making the top five. However, being the only option for comedy fans is about all the film has going for it. After average previous weekends, it seems as though “The Wedding Ringer” will be on a harsh downswing this weekend. We predict that the film will make around $6 million this weekend.


Check back on Monday to see the final talleys.

Article by Sam Rivman


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