Box Office Predictions: Jan 30th – February 1st

After a long hiatus, we are back with this weekend’s box office predictions! This weekend is filled to the brim with strong candidates, but only one film can be number one. With the Superbowl on Sunday, we can probably expect a slower week in the box office overall, as most people will be at home watching the game on Sunday evening. Will we do as well as we had in the past? Or will accurate predictions avoid our grasp? Only time will tell!

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Gone Girl

This week, our host Lloyd Mallison covers the newest hit thriller, Gone Girl! Check out what people thought of this new, mind boggling adventure.

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Bond is back and he’s better than ever! After 50 years, the suave British Super-Spy has returned for an adventure that will test him physically and mentally. Our host, Charlie Greenwald checks out what viewers thought of the latest James Bond installment, Skyfall.


Check out this segment of Reel Reactions as host, Shakala Alvaranga, interviews movie goers to get their take on Ben Affleck’s latest film, “Argo”, at AMC Loews Boston Common 19.


Although the movie is black and white, the audiences’ reactions was definitely not. Watch as our host Charlie Greenwald gets the viewers’ many impressions on Tim Burton’s latest animated movie, “Frankenweenie,” at AMC Loews Boston Common 19. Is it another Burton failure or is it finally a return to form? Tune in to find out!