Martha Marcy May Marlene

Don’t let the clunky title fool you – Martha Marcy May Marlene unfolds like a beautiful, poetic song. Just like music, you enjoy the words and become entranced with the beat that sticks in your head for days, but in the end, you are not quite sure what the lyrics exactly mean. I could tell you every line of the film right now, but I still would not be spoiling much, for what happens is all determined by the viewer’s perspective.

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The Skin I Live In

There is a scene in The Skin I Live In, the latest film from celebrated Spanish director Pedro Almodovar (Volver, Talk to Her) where a man in a silken tiger costume tries to rape a woman wearing a flesh-colored body suit. And as it turns out, that’s not the craziest thing that happens over the course of the film. But if you’re up for a little craziness (okay, make that a lot), then Almodovar’s plastic-surgery-revenge-horror-thriller (take a moment to let that genre cocktail sink in), might be just what you need, even if it’s not among his finest efforts.

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In Time

Justin Timberlake has been soaring through the celebrity world since his days of 90s pop music. He has impressed teenage girls with his marionette-like dancing abilities. He has wowed the New York twenty-somethings with his multiple appearences on Saturday Night Live. And he finally snuck his way into my mother’s heart with his performance in The Social Network. It is this success that surprises me about his decision to play the leading role in such a disappointing film.

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The Rum Diary

Would you go see a movie about Rose’s life before she went aboard the Titanic? How about watching a film following the members of Pirate Radio before their radio show? It sounds pretty boring compared to the amazing adventures that happened afterwards. Who wants to hear about random backstory when you can have brilliant tales of triumph, loss, hatred, and love? Sadly, that was what was wrong with The Rum Diary. It was the prequel to the movie you wanted to see.

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The Mighty Macs

In The Mighty Macs, written and directed by Tim Chambers, the tale is as old as time: Cathy Rush (Played by Carla Gugino, who either has the most amazing lips ever, or just has an amazing plastic surgeon), ex-high school player turned housewife to NBA referee Ed Rush (David Boreneaz) takes over a rag-tag team of girls at the financially-floundering Immaculata College, which is run by nuns that – you guessed it! – couldn’t care less about sports. Continue reading