With a film like Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, whose viral marketing campaign has been bombarding us with with trailers and ads in the past months, it can prove difficult to remove oneself from the hype and stand objectively before the finished product. The main problem with Prometheus, however, is not that it fails to live up the hype, but rather that it fails at being much of a good film in any context.

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Moonrise Kingdom

The time is 1965, and the place is a small island off the coast of New England. In a division of boy scouts, Fort Ivanhoe, a young boy called Sam Shakusky runs away as part of a well thought out plan to meet up with a girl, Suzy, from the other side of the island. They first met exactly a year earlier (as we are informed with a bold title card), at a church show where Suzy dressed up as a Raven and caught the bold little man’s eye. She tells him to write her, and we see that they shared a sweet correspondence for a year, until the time comes round again and they run away from their respective homes, causing all hell to break loose.

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