Interview with Jeremy Saulnier

Jeremy_Saulnier_Director.jpgGreen Room hits theaters on April 22nd and it’s sure to fill any unmet cinematic hardcore punk/gore needs that have been growing lately. I saw it myself and was quite a fan, so I naturally jumped at the opportunity to interview writer-director Jeremy Saulnier. One day I’m sitting in a theater, watching a punk band duke it out with machete-wielding neo-Nazis with a side of vicious attack dogs, and the next I’m sitting across the table from the man who masterminded the whole thing, expecting him to be at least a little psychotic. So I’m setting up for the interview while he’s chilling out on his phone and the first thing he says is,

“This is gonna sound so lame… (puts on a mock arrogant voice) ‘lemme just email my agent real quick.'”

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Review: “Green Room”

Green_Room_(film)_POSTER.jpgAh, the thrill of a punk concert: the passion, the blaring music, the stinging feedback, the murderous, machete-wielding skinheads–wait, what? Green Room heads for theaters soon and this adrenaline-fueled horror-thriller from Jeremy Saulnier (director of indie hit Blue Ruin) is a wonderful testament to the power of a talented filmmaker who is willing to cross over into the extreme.

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