Critical Reaction: “The Croods” (PODCAST)

DreamWorks Animation has had an interesting decade. In its heyday, the animated studio was the biggest threat to the dominative minds at Pixar thanks to mega-franchises Shrek and Madagascar, as well as the critically acclaimed adventure How To Train Your Dragon. And yet, DreamWorks has taken quite the stumble in recent years as their insistence on starting franchises has yielded nothing but failed attempts in Puss in Boots, Megamind, and Rise of the Guardians. Importantly, Rise of the Guardians bombed last November, grossing just over $100 million domestically opposite a lofty $150 million budget and forcing DreamWorks to write an $83 million mark down. Ouch! Fortunately, DreamWorks returned to the top of the charts this weekend with the wonderful animated family romp The Croods, a movie that could very well signal the return of DreamWorks Animation. Just how good is this movie? Is it really DreamWorks’ version of Avatar? Does a voice cast that includes Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage, and Ryan Reynolds pay off? Join our critics as they talk The Croods and put your own two cents in on the discussion board below:


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